Joe's Accomplishments

Bill Signing

Joe Lovvorn's Committees:

  • Education Ways and Means
  • Technology and Research
  • Joint Committee on Driverless Vehicles and Automation
  • Chair of Lee County Delegation
  • Subcomittee on Higher Education
  • Governor appointee to Auburn University Airport Advisory Board

Joe Lovvorn is focused on the issues.

  • Joe Lovvorn worked to pass one of the largest education budgets in Alabama's history and to create additional funding for pre-K programs. He also sponsored a bill to provide student loan forgiveness for Alabama educators. (HB261)
  • Joe Lovvorn sponsored a bill to provide reimbursement for the expenses of emergency services training to volunteer public safety officials. (HB385)
  • Joe Lovvorn sponsored the "Sadie Grace" bill to require food service establishments to have locking manhole covers on their grease traps. (HB415)

For additional information and full text of bills, visit the Alabama legislature online:

Joe's goals for the next session:

Joe Lovvorn has a proven record of common-sense leadership. His hard work in Montgomery is making Auburn, Opelika, and Lee County a better place for us all.

  • Joe will continue putting our teachers and students first. Fully funding education and investing in our hardworking teachers, Joe will work tirelessly to ensure our students have the resources they need to succeed.
  • As a small business owner and farmer, Joe has seen first-hand how government regulation and misguided policies often break the backs of our small businesses and family farmers. Joe will work to put an end to burdensome restrictions on the way we do business.
  • Improving infrastructure will be a priority, and Joe will work to get projects completed in District 79.