Joe Lovvorn

A Message From Joe

I am an Auburn man! With both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Auburn University, I am passionate about representing Alabama House District 79, home to Auburn University and the community I love.

It would be my privilege to take the voice of our residents to Montgomery, as I pledge to fight for Auburn and Auburn University. As a longtime resident, business owner and firefighter, I know and love Auburn.

I take pride in having first-hand knowledge of the effect of taxes on Alabama families. Growing up on my family's farm makes me acutely aware that tax increases should be the last resort of our leaders. I expect government to live within its means, just like every family in Lee County must do.

Job creation and workforce development for our community will be my focus. You can count on me to fight for the tools teachers need to educate our children. I will also help Auburn University secure the funds it needs to continue as a world-class institution.

As the son of a farmer and retired school teacher, I have been instilled with the values of hard work and placing family first. I have lived my adult life serving the community I love and call home.

As a graduate of Auburn University, I am sincere in my love for the university, and I understand its positive economic impact for Alabama.